Dying to know what happens next? You’re in luck! David has multiple projects in the works, including what happens next in your favorite David E. Johnston stories. These COMING SOON releases are guaranteed to feed your need.

The sequel to Run Deep

Run Far

Summary : The world of man is shattering, as a plague of apocalyptic proportions ravages the population, leaving ravenous flesh-eaters in its wake. Not immune to the infection, the animal kingdom also faces a crisis of instinct versus intellect.

In this continuation of the world first shown in Run Deep, we follow Chance, a dog whose master died in the days before the world went mad. Lost and alone, Chance seeks to find safety and salvation in a hostile, deadly land, pursued by an ever-growing pack of hungry undead dogs…

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The Sequel to The Curse of Lilith

The Fertility Crisis, Part 2: Circle Broken

Summary : The conclusion to ‘The Fertility Crisis’ approaches!  First glimpsed in ‘The Curse of Lilith’, the story shifts forward a year, to find Mary waking from a coma, after a vicious attack at the hands of the terrorist, Skull-face.  Mary must accept her role as savior to the people of the city, and rebel against the Church and its fascist beliefs.  Only her genetic purity and massive amount of eggs grant her limited protection from their wrath, but one step too far could cost her independence, freedom, or life, if the Church deems her too dangerous.

She must find a way to liberate the people from the oppressive grip of the Church, locate her father, and forge new bonds with her drug-addicted mother and distant sister, Mallory.  She must reconnect with her brother, who is being militarized by the Church for combat against other boys for the right to court a wife.  She must also find and confront the terrorist who nearly ended her life a year ago, and forge a truce with him to fight their common enemy. While the world is arranged against her, Mary feels that at last, she is up to the challenge.

For a circle to be perfect, sometimes it must be broken.

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The Sequel to To Get His Goat

As I Wander Through the Meadows

Summary : The colony of Eden has collapsed.  Eve, alone since she was a child, lives here in peace with the wildlife, foraging and scavenging what she can to survive.  She waits for the foretold arrival of Adam, the last human male in the universe.

But while she waits for his arrival, she is forced to flee from her horribly deformed and malevolent twin sister, who is more animalistic monster than human.  Every night at sundown, Eve must find a secure place to hide, or face her demise at the hands of her sibling.

One day, Eve discovers that there is someone new in Eden, and nothing will ever be the same.
This tale follows the story started in ‘To Get His Goat’, and expands upon the universe created there, giving the reader the answer to that ultimate question of ‘what happens next’?

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