November 2021 – Update and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Okay, fine, whatever. Lilith 2 now resting around 103K words first-draft. Approx 20 Chapters to do. Sometimes Mary disgusts me because of how her personal jealousy and turmoil manifests…but then again, she’s just a little girl with an incredible amount of power…how would any of us react in the situation she’s in?

Vacation approaching rapidly. I intend to use it to get a massive jump forward on the story, which means I will end up wrapped in a blanket, listening to The Nun or Geostorm or Darkness Falls for the X-th watch through or something. (Spoiler…or Pro-tip, depending on how you feel about it: The worst movies make for the greatest comfort background noise.)

I also finished ‘Salvation Day’ on a suggestion from a friend, ‘Metroid Dread’ on my own wishes, and I’m still dabbling with restarting ‘The Three-Body Problem’ if I can force myself to sit down to it.

Updates to follow, as they happen. Everyone – Please enjoy your Thanksgiving, and spend as much time as you can with those that matter. You never know when they can be torn from you. The best time to demonstrated your appreciation for them is yesterday. The second best time, is right now, please.


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