March 2022 Update

I’m still in the last quarter of the Chapter I was on my last update. A lot of my free time went to working on that video project I had mentioned previously. Editing can be time-consuming, video even more! They eye gets bored pretty easily, and the video and audio have to flow smoothly to keep the viewer intrigued and invested in the content. Did a full test video and it was close to what I expected/desired for the final product. I think that with the updated equipment and setup I have planned for the actual series itself, it will be top-notch. I’ll also have all the time in the world to edit it, since I have a baseline of how I want it to go.

BUT…I have not abandoned Mary and her team as they hide in darkness and struggle to make their next move. Just a few Chapters to go, and I want to sit down and really give it the attention it needs before moving onto THAT editing.

Tasks for days, I tell you. Be well!

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