October 1st Update

I meant to do this yesterday, but for some reason, I had it in my head that September had 31 days *boggle* and I still had some wiggle room. Alas! I broke my streak! Ugh.

Anywho, a little work on cleaning up some outline portions of larger pieces that are still years away, and finished an oversized Chapter in ‘Run Far’. The first Chapter in ‘The Cave at Hobbs Creek’ is also done, just need to sort out details of some timeline stuff to progress further. Also switching lead characters around because I want to avoid being predictable.

Healthwise I’m still battling the lingering effects from Covid and the damage it did. I’m on a Bi-Pap machine at night, and my nightly events have dropped from 51 down to around 7. I’m sleeping in the bed again, but I’m not sure if I’m doing better or worse there, because I’ll go down for about 2 hours, then wake, have to sit for a bit, then go back to sleep. Trying to stick very strictly to the Ornish diet, as it has some evidence that it can reverse early stages of congestive heart failure.

Mind you, two doctors have listened to my heart and not noticed anything worrisome, but personally, I would rather be proactive on it than reactive. The harder I stick to it, the faster and better the results, so that’s my plan.

Once I feel better, I think I’ll be able to devote more time to just pumping out works. It’s not that I don’t want to…I absolutely do! It’s that I can’t stay focused on the work for long. I get listless, and the perfectionist monster that lives in my subconscious stands over me, screaming about all of the things I have to do to finish the story (other than just writing the darn thing). And that scares me away for a bit.

Yeah, it’s weird…but the imposing nature of the task pushes me away, when I should just slap that monster and write garbage. Even if I write bad stuff, the monster will eventually come back and say to me: “Hey, you want some help cleaning up that garbage? ‘Cause I can’t sit here and just let that mess fester.” So I could put it to work. It’s clearing that hurdle and forcing myself to deal with it.

Still trying tho! 2 Chapters in two different stories….that’s not bad for my situation. As it improves, this will improve. Cheers all. Enjoy all the great horror movies and shows coming this month!!

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