Update for March 2023

Gun violence needs to be addressed. Every civilized nation in the world has figured out a way to prevent mass shootings, but because of special interest groups like the NRA, the United States continues to value gun ownership over human lives.

Over the lives of CHILDREN.

Ban lobbying and get money out of politics, then enact real change to protect the public. Period. There’s plenty we can do about it, we’re just not trying hard enough. France is protesting the changes to their retirement in massive, sprawling demonstrations daily. Israel forced their Prime Minister to abandon his plan to weaken their courts, by striking in numbers too large to ignore.

This isn’t a political issue or a 2A issue, it’s an issue about safety, the sanctity and value of life, and empathy for others. Special interest groups WANT to make it political, because if we’re busy fighting each other, we don’t fight them, and they keep making money from gun sales and membership fees. Let’s stop fighting each other, and fight them, for once.

If we really wanted this to stop, we could make it happen. /endrant

On the writing side of things:

I have 3 shorts done the first draft, and a 4th semi-sketched out. They will probably end up going in a large collection as I plow through them, and then swing back to edit. I’m well into another project I’m just calling ‘Amnesia Town’ until it’s done, because I keep going back and forth on the final title. But yes, many things in the works.

As my health has gotten better and I find myself further and further from Covid, I genuinely feel that some of my mental acuity that was missing has returned. Some of it was the lack of quality sleep, some of it was definitely the mental fog of Covid. Now I’m coming up on almost a year post-Covid, and I know I’m able to divide tasks and focus on them with a clarity I was missing. That’s what I needed.

So things are going well, projects are speeding along. Thanks for your continued support! I’ll be back in a month with more updates.

Be well!

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