February Update/Ukraine

As much as I wanted to crush the last few Chapters of Lilith this month, fate and every other complication kept that from happening. I’m only a little further than I was in the work. I did pursue some other literary projects I’ve been keeping on the back burner, and tweaked a few ideas. I added some spices and some salt and some butter to a few things. I’m also well aware that the cooking/food imagery probably isn’t helping any of you hungry for something new. My apologies!

I was invited to help out on another project that relies more on video editing, etc. Most of my time this month was actually consumed by brainstorming and planning for that to get off the ground. The prep work for that is now nearing completion, so I should be freed up to turn back to other things that are more in my personal sphere.

Lastly, my heart goes out to Ukraine, and all the people involved in the conflict there. Whenever people suffer for the vanity of madmen, tragedy ensues.

But also heroism.

I stand with Ukraine. Putin can eat several bags of Costco-sized hairy members.

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