My love (and hate) of OneNote

Oh how I love thee, OneNote of Microsoft fame.

How I can stuff a million ideas into you. And all my to-do lists. And pictures. And keep track of important chronological stuff. And work to-do lists.

And people’s birthdays that I immediately forget I’ve documented and never check again only to discover on the date of their birth that I had, indeed, documented it, but never followed up on it, and missed their birthday anyway.


So. Ahem.

I use it for a lot of stuff. Mainly my day-to-day to-do lists and calendar for things like ‘go to doctor’ and ‘next Star Wars show comes out’ and the like. But I also have a specific notebook on it where I *gasp* do writing stuff and put my ideas, whether they are part of the threads of current projects or just random stuff stuck on the wall for future observation.

In the past, I found that Alphabet stuff and Apple stuff don’t always play nice. I lost like 26 pages of material one time, because Google synced one way, Apple synced the other, and I was out of luck. That sucks, because I like Google, and I like Apple, but dammit, if I’m going to sweat myself to death over some intense piece, and you’re going to eat it, and literally have wasted my day…well, I’m going to find another solution.

So here comes OneNote. And I’ve RARELY had a problem on it. If OneNote gets wonky about ‘versions’, it gives you a nice non-Clippy type of box and asks: “Hey, which of these do you want to keep?” Then, it SHOWS you the differences between each version so you can copy one over to the other, delete it…whatever you feel like.


Because of how cool it is to have everything in one place, I switched to using OneNote for all my writing purposes, except the final draft. This way, I could craft something in the morning, maybe type something in the mid-morning on my phone, or scribble down an idea at lunch, or whatever I need to do as the day takes me, and all my changes are with me. THE CLOUD n’ stuff.


Dammit OneNote. You save so often…it’s become a problem. I will sit, and ponder, come to a conclusion, and pound out a sentence. Right in the middle, OneNote remembers ‘Oh yes, I must be a good web application, and save all of your things right now’. And then, for one microsecond, OneNote freezes up, and I lose a letter. Or a word. Or a word and a few letters. And sometimes, if I’m REALLY on a roll, I don’t catch it. Then it stays in the body until it comes time to switch over to Word for the final draft.

And while I DO review everything before I slam the publish on Amazon buttons…I DO miss stuff. I’m a human. And I’m not at the place where I’m paying $4,000 for someone to edit one of my monsters. So I just suck it up and try to catch them all myself.

But dammit OneNote. Why do you have to do me like that? You’re SO perfect every other way.

It’s the difference between “Let’s eat Grandma” and “Let’s eat, Grandma!” GAH.


Lilith continues. 8 Chapters to go.

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