May 3rd Update:

Editing proceeds on ‘Circle Broken’. Approx 6 Chapters in. I have to give it a few go rounds just to be certain I’ve caught everything. I wasn’t aware that double-spacing after a period is now no longer considered the standard. Apparently it’s only a single space.

Guess I’m gonna be a rebel and tap-tap all over their grammatically correct aspirations all day. I blame Blackberry for the conditioning.

In all seriousness, that’s probably what most of the 15,000 or so flags I’ve picked up from my software so far are….the double-spaces needing to be turned into single-spaces. *Le Sigh*

I also have about six hours of footage to turn into 3 episodes for IWC but that’s still early stages…takes a lot of effort to coordinate the visuals and the audio and flip flop the cameras, etc, etc. I’m stuck going between one overwhelming task and the next! Just trying to fight back and lessen the load, one swing of the axe at a time.

Take care all! Update you soon!

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