Despite getting all the shots in the world… *ahem* Vaccines and booster shots, thank you very much… I still came down with Covid last week. I’m feeling a million times better now, and thank you for your concern.

Sadly, it derailed me from all the editing I was doing on ‘Circle Broken’, so she had to sit a bit longer. I’ll be back to work on the final draft when my energy gets back to normal, and then my video projects.

Yes, I made sure to scribble down all the messed up fever dreams I had, just as potential filler for later. Crossed paths with Scissorman Reese while I was in there…but he wasn’t a time-traveller anymore, nor a Scissorman. Might have to look him up and see what else he was doing.

More to come. Next update likely when I’m done the final drafts. Be well, everyone!

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