June 2022 Update

One Chapter done in the new piece…only been fiddling with it a little bit. Steam Deck arrived and that consumed a lot of my time. Also still pending about 10 more video pieces I need to edit…not hard, just time-consuming. The project involves splicing together 7 camera feeds and 2 audio streams in a kinda-sorta cohesive way, and it’s just a lot of repetition. But I’ll get there. Had people over for the first time in a long time (thanks Covid), and it was good.

So yes, a little progress. I can either push ahead with it, or return to another piece I was a little bit further on. I’m still feeling some Covid-related breathing problems. Makes it difficult to focus on anything for a long period, but I’m trying.

More goodies to come! In the meantime, enjoy your 4th of July Holiday weekend!

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