Circle Broken – Final Update

Afternoon, all.

The conclusion to ‘The Curse of Lilith’ is complete, and all of the editing and revisions have been finished. I submitted it to Amazon a few minutes ago, so today or tomorrow you should see the work available for purchase. I apologize that the paperback costs so much ($14 to $15)…but I didn’t realize just how big the book was. It’s damn-near 700 pages in printed format. I selected whatever the minimum price is for the paperback, so I promise, it’s the lowest they would let me go.

Still, the digital version will be right around $5, so that shouldn’t be too much of a pinch on anyone (considering how prices are lately). The main thing is that I hope you enjoy how it turned out.

I’m apprehensive about how it will be received, because Mary is such a complicated character, and she lashes out in weird, illogical ways to her situation, particularly as things worsen for her and her ‘family’ at the estate. Please don’t judge me for the things she says and does…she’s in impossible situations for anyone to navigate effectively, and doesn’t have the life experience to make the best decisions.

That said, I’m glad it’s done. Next up – Either setting up my Steam Deck when it comes (this week or next), or editing some videos for that side project I wanted to work on. But yes, more books and short stories to come.

Thanks for all of your support, everyone! Enjoy the long weekend!

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