November 2022 Update:

Well, I’m still here! And apparently, you are too, which is awesome. Thank you for hanging out and being patient.

I managed to scribble down a few new thoughts and visualize some other potential projects, but no work on anything that currently exists.

My health is still the chief problem. I have more appointments in early Dec and mid-January, but I still don’t have the ability to focus long enough or sit steadily and write for long periods. Instead, I continue to catch up on books I was neglecting reading (for inspiration or ideas), shows I’ve been behind on (various anime’s or shorts I wanted to finish) and even a few games here and there (that I neglected to start before). Ironically, it’s easier to sit and do the interactive thing with a game, as opposed to rigidly sitting at the desk to GOGOGO on a new project.

Whatever I can do without discomfort is where my attention lies for now. It’ll likely stay that way until my condition improves. Don’t let all of this depress you…the holidays are coming after all, and you should be focused on seeing friends and family and having a blast.

We’ll catch up again in December or so. Be well, all!

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