December 2022 Update

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Some minor progress. Did a first draft of a short that’s a spiritual sequel to ‘The Flood’. Fun little addition to that universe. Not really connected to the bigger world that my stories inhabit…but fun anyways. Also got about halfway through a second. I figure at some point I will collect all the shorts together and offer them as one volume to make it easier to read. I’ll probably include the other shorts just for the sake of simplicity.

Did some more brainstorming on the one massive project I really want to tackle…I keep getting little snippets of how I want to do it, but it’s just going to be so large it’s overwhelming trying to keep the consistency of the vision across all the potential books it would have to be. I thought that it might come out better if I envision each person and faction as their own story and then pepper in all the crossover details and events to each. But BOY is that a LOT of plotting, planning and evaluating.

I’m still optimistic I can get it going, but I have to plot like every little detail out. ‘The Cave at Hobbs Creek/End’ is paused for the moment, as is ‘Run Far’. Doesn’t mean they’re dead, just kind of chilling in the corner while I work myself back into the groove.

My sleep is much more consistent and better overall. I can remember my dreams again, which is a HUGE good sign. It means I’m getting real rest, and that means I’m healing and recovering. My most recent bloodwork shows improvement in all areas, so that’s a huge bonus. I just need to stick with everything I’m doing, and see what the cardiologist suggest in January. Hopefully, I can keep dabbling at works on the side, find more motivation, and then just sit down to finish some of these works, and get a plan on how to do the others.

Otherwise, all is well, and I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!


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