January 2023 Update

I hope the turn of the year has brought you all some good fortune and you’re sticking with whatever resolutions you made!

My health has stabilized somewhat, and while I’m still awaiting more scans and tests and whatnot, I continue to dabble on projects. Since I can sleep better, I’m actually having dreams and my subconscious is kicking out some ideas. Viewpoints. Activities of characters. It’s drawing lines between situation A and resolution B, and now I see why certain characters are doing certain things. Their motivations….they were clear before, but now I can SEE what they were doing from their perspective and it makes it more of a personal undertaking.

I know that’s all cryptic, but it’s really helpful. A lot of my stuff comes from dreams. If not full-fledged ideas like ‘The Cooks’ then at least little snippets of stories or situations. Being able to think about where I am in a tale before I drift off really DOES fire off the neurons and stimulate the synapses to do their thing while I rest. Getting 8 plus hours of sleep a night helps a lot too. 😉

Lots of work on Corta, which is a project that’s probably never going to hit the shelves…but I’m compelled to draw the lines between events anyway. I still need to go back and do a revision on ‘The Bedrock’ and then finish up ‘The Bear’ so they’re ready to go into a short story collection.

But for the moment, I’m mainly focused on my health, and I dabble when I can. When I am motivated. The GOOD news is that I’m dabbling more often, because the interest is there. To read what I’ve done, to revise what I have, and chart the unexplored regions of these stories.

Take care all. Be well!

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